China wave soldering machine

The fundamental process that is necessary to assemble any electronic project is that of welding, without welding connection there is no connection between the components and the circuit board. Wave soldering is a large-scale soldering process in which the electronic components are soldered to the PCB or plate to form an electronic assembly. The name comes from the use of melted solder waves to join the metal of the components to the PCB plate.

In most cases, automatic production China wave soldering machine are used, such as wave soldering, China Reflow oven soldering or even condensation welding. Whatever the chosen China pick and place machine, the technicians and production engineers control the thermal process in a precise way with the aim of obtaining an acceptable quality in the electronic assemblies. The process uses a tank or tank containing a large amount of molten solder, the components are placed across the PCB and it goes through a weld cascade that wet the exposed metal areas of the plate creating a reliable reflow oven factory.

The pick and place machine factory process is much more fast and can create a product of superior quality to the manual soldering of the components. Wave soldering machine factory is the most often used to weld trough hole and SMT components only the largest and heaviest ones are placed on top of the card before it passes over the wave. Since trough hole components have been replaced by SMT reflow oven  components due to their small size, wave soldering has been changed by reflow furnace soldering however there are areas where surface mount technology is not very suitable for example: devices of great power and with a large number of pins or when the trough hole components predominate.

There are different models of wave soldering machines but the basic components and principles of these machines are the same and the standard wave has 3 stages that include- flux application stage, preheating stage, welding stage. The laminar wave is used in through hole cards and the laminar and turbulent wave together are used SMT cards, this type of wave prevents the shadow effect on the components. All you need is to search out the best and reliable reflow oven manufacturer and for that it is advised that you start searching them online. For more information, visit this page.