Complete guide explaining the custom NETS flashpay card

NETS flashpay card

The NETS FlashPay card is an important item for almost everyone in Singapore, with its different benefits. It’s a contactless, stored value card that is widely used all through Singapore for essentially all modes of payment. With the usage of credit and debit cards, you can make payment by electronic transfer to wherever in the world. These cards have no prerequisite for cash or checks, making them safe, reliable and totally flexible. The card can be branded with any personal, business or company logo. A phenomenal angle concerning this card is that it works really like a credit card-buy without passing on a cash or checkbook!


In addition, this card can be customized using any photo-editing software, giving you substantially more freedom and creativity when designing your card. It will manage essentially any machine, including the iPad, smart phones and POS machines. This makes it convenient and easy to pay your employees, clients or some other person who uses your services while you are away. You can use it wherever, any time. Additionally, pick a reliable and trustworthy company to ensure prompt and professional service.

The Visa/MasterCard Prepaid Card has been unequivocally designed to address the issues of involved modern-day business people. The front side of the card incorporates a totally illuminated terminal. The back of the card has a totally magnetic stripe with up to four magnetic strips that hold the card data. This infers that the card data can’t be stolen by anyone endeavoring to copy it or take it from its holder. This is a mind boggling and amazing product that makes transactions quick and efficient.


There are a lot of things you can do to personalize your customized cards. Pick the sort of card design and background that you wanted. You can go in for a customized square or rectangle design, or go in for a unique design with a semi-round slot. You can similarly use a blank card as a base for your own design and make it more personalized. There are a lot of things that you can personalize your card with, for instance, business name, logo or address. You can even add a picture of your business to make it truly interesting. Right when used in conjunction with a merchant account, you will really need to reach out to more customers and expand your customer base. For additional data, click this page.

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