The Major Benefits of Outsourcing to China

Generally, the less manual process the product manufactured in China has, the more automated it will be, which translates into a cheaper price. In these cases, volume plays an essential role: buying and selling in China entails fixed minimum costs that do not vary, so it will cost us the same to import a product than a hundred. The same design programs are used as in the West to China manufacturing, the same 3D printers and paper cutters, so the speed in having a sketch of our project is incredible.

They are professionals in OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) and ODM ( Original design manufacturer ), and manufacture according to the needs demanded by the client. They analyze the most competitive products and decrease the investment risk. The projects to Chinese manufacturers require lower investments than in Europe because they have a lower labor cost, since it does not require such sophisticated equipment.

An average of 80% of the toys, clothing, footwear, electronics, pre-assembled products and even food were made by Asian workers during the last 25 years, turning that country into a great exporting power, title that until today had maintained. The main barriers they will have when doing business in China are currency, time, language and cultural issues. Although some factory owners speak only Chinese, in principle, working in English with their international business should be sufficient.

To carry out the project that they want with China manufacturing companies, they will take into account the inciters, and will help with plans, drawings and concrete numbers, in order to explain what we want, so that the communication is reduced to the basics. The fastest way to succeed in Chinese manufacturing is to send a physical sample of the product to the factory or agent that they have selected with brief explanations of what them want them to modify. They make sure that the manufacturers exactly meet the requirements of the customers thanks to their offices in China. All you need is to visit online at the web portal to get further information. For more information, visit this page.