What you want to know about tungsten crucible

The tungsten crucible is widely applied in the melting environment of the high temperature vacuum furnace such as the furnace that grows from the sapphire, the melting furnace of the quartz glass, and the furnace that melts the rare earth. Heavy tungsten alloy materials are relatively easy to machine and have similar engineering properties to steel. These alloys can be pierced, cut, drilled, ground, joined, milled, plated, sawed, harnessed, turned, cut by water jet, wire and lead can be performed as well.

Tungsten heavy alloy use speeds and feeds similar to that of gray cast iron. Tungsten alloy materials are made easier to the machine as the copper content increases. The more tungsten content present should be taken the more mechanized care. Carbide tools for drilling, milling, and tungsten alloys are suggested. The special metallic products are the alloys, the final forming products like molybdenum foil and the components that meet these needs.

It produces these materials in a wide variety of forms and chemical combinations through a complete and secure supply chain that supports the commitment to meet the needs in each phase of the process, from primary metals to ready-to-use components. The special metallic products possess unique and valuable properties, such as resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, lightness, strength and hardness, formability and malleability.

Having TZM parts and titanium alloys, super alloys based on nickel and cobalt, stainless and special steels, oriented grain electric steel, armor materials, and zirconium and related alloys. Complete solutions Advanced technology. Integrated resources A robust and complete supply chain focused on your application. As the world increases in complexity, it makes more and more sense to rely on the special metallic products for today’s and tomorrow’s growing international sectors. All you need is to search for the best and reliable material businesses, and for that it is advised that you start researching online. For more information, visit this page.